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Privacy Policy

In the course of our work, we gather personal information from clients and we compile confidential information. We believe that it is important that you know how we treat the information that we have in our records.

1. We will use personal information when filing income tax returns and when offering other financial services available from financial services companies with which we have contracts.

2. We may be required to provide information to Canada Revenue Agency, the Ontario Ministry of Finance or other government agencies to comply with legal or regulatory requirements.

3. We may also provide information to these agencies as your representative if you have provided written authorization to act on your behalf.

4. We will only provide information on your personal tax return to a third party (including a spouse) if you have provided us with written authorization to provide such information or where legislation requires that we do so.

5. We may use information such as your telephone number, email address, mailing address if we need to contact you directly concerning the work we do for you, or concerning matters that we feel would be of interest to you.

6. We will retain and securely store all information used in the preparation of personal tax returns for a period as prescribed by legislation. Thereafter all records shall be shredded (or otherwise disposed of) in a secure and confidential manner.

We value the trust placed in us and if you believe that any personal or confidential information has been misused, please contact our privacy officer R. D. (Ron) Van Rooyen at 369 Hamilton Road, London, ON N5Z 1R6, (519) 438-1960 or

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