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Income Tax Preparation

Personal Tax Returns
• Personal Tax Returns are prepared year round by qualified tax preparers and are filed using the E’File system.
• Tax preparers on staff are monitored and trained extensively to ensure the consistent production of accurate and complete tax returns.
• Taxes prepared for single or family situations are optimized where possible to minimize tax payable, using any and all legal deductions available.
• Correspondence with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regarding pre and post assessment reviews are available through our office usually at no extra charge, depending on the complexity of the matter.

Estate Tax Returns
Estate and trust returns are prepared so as to minimize the tax consequences that can arise from the death of a loved one. Elective estate tax returns are filed, as required, to minimize tax liabilities.

Corporate Tax Returns
• We prepare tax returns and associated financial statements for Canadian Controlled Private Corporations.
• In this way, both the corporation and the individual can minimize their tax liability and maximize the tax deferral possibilities that a corporation can offer.

Our fee scale is comparable to other Professional Tax Practitioners.

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